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Today I Feel Good

Today I Feel GoodToday I feel good. I’ve said that a lot lately… I’m not used to this much energy, stamina, or ease with daily tasks.

At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The onset of my disease, starting in June 2005, took away my entire life style over the course of a few months — I no longer had my job, my ability to accomplish simple tasks, or my physical strength.

Yoga was a part of my life for seven years before the disease. I blame my disease for the next six years when I pushed my yoga practice out of my life. Initially, my yoga practice was primarily for fitness; it was my aerobics class. As I struggled daily with my body and its limited abilities, I lost my drive for yoga. I could no longer physically do the postures; therefore, I felt I couldn’t do it at all. I was destined for a “restricted” life. A life full of medications, doctors, and injections… I mentally and physically struggled through the next few years.

In the Fall of 2009, my husband and I discovered we were going to have a baby. I started prenatal yoga intending to strengthen muscles and prepare my body for the weight of a full-term pregnancy. However, I couldn’t commit. Once again, my practice fell to the bottom of my priorities. I gained 65lbs and had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I knew after the major life changes brought on by MS and the pregnancy weight gain that I needed different… I needed change… I needed healthy. I went back to yoga one more time. It became that change and has made all the difference. Yoga has changed for me — starting over, knowing basic poses, but no longer knowing my body, helped me realize I have control. Initially, I was concerned with perfecting poses, which is not truly yoga. I realize this now — it’s much more. My yoga is about me… It’s what I make it. I found my breath. I found my inner sounds. I found mental stability. I found my peace. I found balance. I found my ultimate healthy through my yoga practice.

I now take less medication for pain, depression, and anxiety. I have more energy, I’m less bothered by chronic lower back pain, my balance has improved substantially, my concentration is building, and many other benefits of my everyday life have been enriched. I owe it to yoga and to the amazing instructors and the true community at the Big Bend Yoga center.

Jenn Mossotti